Flex Seal Brite: An Effective, Easy and Quick Solution

I usually prefer to do simple home repairs myself because this saves me time as well as money. The cost of calling out a repairman is much higher than finding a DIY solution for simple repairs. A while ago I had a leaking roof that had me really worried. I tried numerous products to seal the leak, but nothing worked. Finally, I decided to call a roofer to do the repair. I was discussing this with my husband when I saw a commercial for Flex Seal Brite and thought I would give a DIY repair one last try. In fact, this was the type of thing that I was had been looking for in the stores.

I did some research into the benefits of Flex Seal Brite and because of what I read I immediately ordered it from the official website. I have used it since then with no problems to fix leaks in my roof as well as to repair a number of broken items around the house. Because I find Flex Seal Brite to be a useful and handy product, I decided to take the time to write this review. I will also share all the information I found about this product before I decided to order it.

What is Flex Seal Brite?

Flex Seal Brite is a white rubber solution that fills holes and cracks and quickly dries to form a perfect seal. Since the sealant comes in the form of a spray, it is non-messy, hassle-free and can be used to treat large surface areas in no time. The liquid spray seeps into holes and cracks to stop leaks by creating a waterproof seal. You simply press the trigger to seal the affected area with the spray.

It is suggested that the area surrounding the hole or crack should also be coated to ensure an effective seal. It takes approximately 24 hours for the product to completely dry. After that, you can start using the repaired item again. If necessary, the coated area can be painted over since Flex Seal Brite is white in colour. It is important to note that the basic Flex Seal spray dries in a dull looking black colour.

What do the Manufacturers Have to Say about the Effectiveness of Flex Seal Brite?

The manufacturers of Flex Seal Brite claim that you will be able to fix all sorts of things around your house, including leaks, gutters, cracked fountains, and even flower pots. The light color of this rubber sealant blends easily and can be painted over.

Flex Seal Brite is effective for many reasons. It is a waterproof seal that lasts for a long time and it does not flake away as other sprays do. After the sealant has set, it can be frozen, folded and even flexed without any adverse reactions. It is tough and does not easily stretch, shrink or break. The white colour of Flex Seal Brite blends easily with lighter surfaces and can also be painted to complement any surface.

Customer Reviews for Flex Seal Brite 

Some customers have stated that Flex Seal Brite has been the easiest to use and they have fixed water issues and leaks perfectly with this product. Another customer had repaired cracks in her roof with this spray. Others in their review have stated that Flex Seal easily fixes issues related to gutter pipes.

I had a roof line leak on my 1995 Georgie Boy Motorhome which the dealer repair did not fix. I purchased (2) cans of the Brite Flex Seal and applied two coats to the full length of the roof joint. I still have about half a can left. Like magic, no more leak, and the color matches perfectly with my motorhome color. Very easy to apply and covers well. Would recommend Flex Seal in a FLASH. I'm very pleased and satisfied.


We used this in our basement...and it really did work! We were really impressed how well it stopped a small leak.

Jeff saley

Yep, this actually works. I was pretty surprised too: P Shake it up and spray it on. The only thing is that this takes a bit to dry, so be patient with it. The instructions on the can are very helpful and allow you take full potential of the product.That's pretty much it. This thing fixed a huge crack in my basement, so now it doesn't flood :)

-Tony “SergeantPope”

It is encouraging to read positive review from people who have ordered and used Flex Seal Brite. The low price and high effectiveness of this product makes it popular among homeowners who are looking for instant and effective repair work.

Ordering Flex Seal Brite

The best place to buy Flex Seal Brite is from its official website. When you place your order, you will receive a special ‘buy one get one free’ offer. You just need to pay $19.99 plus shipping and handling fee of $9.95 and a separate $9.99 for a second large can. One large can of Flex Seal Brite is enough to cover up to 8 square feet of surface.

The official website also offers a 30-day money back guarantee. This means that if you are unhappy with the product for any reason, you can return the unused Flex Seal for a full refund. This is definitely a great offer as you know that you won’t have lost out if the product does not work as expected.

My Recommendation 

If you have water issues, leaks, and broken items around your house, you should definitely try Flex Seal Brite. It easily and quickly fixes things without any problems. For me, it’s truly an effective product that does exactly what it claims to do. It is affordable, works well and is easy to use. However, it is important that you use it with extreme care. After you have used the product, you should clean the nozzle properly. You should not use it to seal areas subject to combustion. Also, it should not be used in places where it may come in contact with potable water. These are just a few of the essential guidelines that one should be aware of when using Flex Seal Brite to seal leaks.

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